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The Natural Pavilion


Architects: DP6 archtitectuurstudio // Project size: 1.000 m² GFA // Completion: 2022 // Awards: Dezeen Award 2022 - Sustainable Building, Gold Award 2022 (BIE) - Best Exhibitor

The "Natural Pavilion" at the Floriade Expo 2022 in Almere, the Netherlands, presents how architecture today can contribute to solving a multitude of problems - or, how to make the Paris Agreement a reality!

The combination of a modular construction method, the industrialised building process and bio-based materialisation makes the Natural Pavilion the epitome of a circular building.


The idea of a circular building manifests itself strongly in the modularity and separability of the design and is found on every level: the foundation and supporting structure, the façade, the floor plans and all technical installations.


The load-bearing structure foundation of the Natural Pavilion is based on the 'HoutKern construction method'. This modular construction method makes it possible to create unique buildings in configurations of up to 80 metres in height. The pavilion has a size of 529 m², distributed over three levels and consists of 72 cube-shaped wooden modules.


The innovation lies in their dismountability and flexibility. The modules are stackable and connected by intelligent nodes. The steel nodes are the same at every account point of the building. The modules can be freely combined in two directions and fit together like puzzle pieces. The wind braces (tension rods) can also be freely positioned. From the very first sketches, it was clear that the Natural Pavilion would be given a new function, in whole or in part, after the Floriade closed, in the same place or in a different location. Because that's what circular building is all about: demontability and reuse of (building) materials.


With the Natural Pavilion, ABT and a consortium of almost 20 Dutch companies show that it is already possible today to build fully circular, bio-based and energy-neutral houses, schools and offices on an industrial scale and in close connection with nature.

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About Circlewood


Circlewood is a consortium of property developer Noordereng Group and Oosterhoff Group. The company aims to harness the power of circular timber construction for the urban buildings of today and tomorrow, for current and future generations. After all, wood is perfect for creating a healthy, attractive and sustainable urban living environment. Gerben Kuipers of Circlewood: "Our society demands innovative concepts that respond to a variety of problems. From building affordable housing to increasing biodiversity, reducing CO2 emissions, building close to nature with bio-based materials, transitioning to renewable energy and building climate-adapted cities. In all these areas, circular timber construction makes a significant contribution. It's great to see that The Natural Pavilion is and will continue to be a national and international source of inspiration and knowledge hub."

For Circlewood, The Natural Pavilion was the starting point for making the built environment more sustainable, healthy and enjoyable. Circlewood now also develops residential buildings in Zaltbommel, a hotel in Ede, school buildings in Amsterdam and several office buildings, among others, according to the same principles.

Circlewood's partners are: Noordereng Group, Oosterhoff (ABT, Adviesbureau Lüning and bbn adviseurs), Heko Spanten Ede B.V., Lomans, Adviesbureau DWA, Ferross Staalbouw, Hedgehog Company and TNO.

Scope of services: Structural design, development HoutKern system

Photos: Darina Scagliola und Stijn Brakkee

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